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ASP / SQL Server Programming

ASP / Microsoft SQL Server Programming &


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asp outsourcing From 1 hour to 1,000

We’re here to help. And to make it easy.
(And to make sure the code works)

What makes us different?

  • Bug Free Code. Our programmers write bug-free code that works.
  • Direct Access. You’ll get the name, email address and direct phone number
    of a project manager that is in charge of your project.
  • Low Prices. Our prices are low, but our quality and customer service is

We work with small 1-2 person companies, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. If you’re thinking of outsourcing php work, having us contact you may be the smartest thing you’ve done all year.

If you can describe what you’d like your website or application to do, we
can take it from there.

From one hour to one thousand, we can help you…

  • Allow people to register on your website, and then update their information
    / change their preferences.
  • Pre-fill registration forms so people don’t have to fill in their information
    again and again.
  • Personalize your website, and show content based on who is on your site
    (new visitor / past customer).
  • Send permission-based email messages to people who have signed up to receive
    communication from you through a web-based application.
  • Create a calendar for visitors / employees / customers.
  • Automate business tasks — such as changing the information on your website
    without having to call a web developer or use a complicated program.

microsoft ASP sql server programming

We can help you customize and set up many of the most common Microsoft ASP / SQL server applications, including:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Auction systems
  • Guestbooks
  • Visitor tracking counters
  • Advertising Display
  • Online chat
  • Calendars
  • Coupon Systems
  • Refer-A-Friend Systems
  • Syndicated Content (RSS)
  • Online search

ASP programming project

Do you need a form processing system that will save the information into a database, send a confirmation (thank you) email message to the person signing up, send you an alert email message? We can help.

Whether you have a small project with 1-2 hours of work, need someone to troubleshoot an existing ASP script, or need a website that is a complex, customized CRM system, Customer Paradigm’s team can help make your website generate results.

If you can imagine what you would like to do, we can help you put together requirements, and make it work.

Customer Paradigm has used ASP programming and SQL databases to help small 1-person companies as well as many of the Fortune 500 create websites that get results.

Free, No Obligation Consultation.

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