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So I’m set up on auto pay with milk delivery service for our home. My credit card expired, but they never let me know (except for a weekly receipt that I assumed was paid, so I paid no attention). Instead of calling, emailing or mailing, we got a note that our delivery would be interrupted unless we settled our past due account. So I called and gave them a credit card number. However, I couldn’t update the card on file over the phone to continue auto-pay. I had to go to the website, print out a form, and hand-write in my new credit card information, and fax it to them. Fortunately, I still have a fax machine. (I guess I could also have put it in an envelope and mailed it, but that would have meant I needed to look for stamps and and envelope, too.) I understand that this process was set up to make the company’s processes easier, but it sure made me take extra steps so that they could get paid. A very non-customer-centric way of thinking. However, my kids like their milk A LOT, so I’ll jump through their hoops. :)

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