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2016 was the year of scandalous hacking stories, from Dirty COWS, to DDOS attacks to endless waves of ransomware.   With the year’s end quickly approaching, how can you stay ahead of the tide of cyber attacks in 2017?


Back Up Your Data:

Many site owners make the mistake of not doing frequent backups of their website data. Then when a hacking attempt is made – and systems have to be restored to an earlier date, massive amounts of site data are often lost. By keeping regular backups, it is easy for you to restore in the event of an emergency.



three locks

Encryption is a must for any website taking payments online


When you run an online store and process any sort of secure information, you will want to have a secure connection. The primary function of an SSL is to encrypt all communications between the browser and the server. An SSL makes sure that sure all data transfers through a secure HTTPS connection. Utilizing an encrypted connection will build trust with your customers, as it protects their online transactions.

Reliable Hosting:

Choosing a reliable host for your Magento store is important. Not only will a trusted host keep your site up and running smoothly, but a reliable host will also keep their software up to date, and keep your site safe from online threats.

Stay up to Date:

If you are running an older version of Magento, your website will be exposed to numerous cyber security threats that have been addressed in the most recent patches. The most recent version of Magento is always going to have better security features than its, predecessors.

2 Step-Verification:

2 Step-Verification is important to all for your accounts – not just Magento. Many times hackers will try to brute force their way into your site despite using a secure password. 2 Step Verification works as an extra layer of protection on your accounts. If you try to sign into your Magento store from an unrecognized device, you will be sent a code to your mobile phone to use at a login to authenticate your identity.

Randomizing Passwords:


login screen with hidden password

Generate complex, random passwords so that login credentials are harder for hackers to obtain


Many people set up their accounts with easy to remember simple passwords – the reason is just that – they are straightforward and easy to remember. However, this makes the account an easy target for hackers looking to obtain sensitive financial information. We suggest a random password generator to generate a random, complex password for your Magento store login.


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