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We’re thrilled to welcome Boulder, CO-based PlayFair Toys to our client list this week – we’re going to be using PHP to help bring their eCommerce site to the next level. Doesn’t it make you feel good when someone you’ve met before remembers your name? It makes you feel good when they remember. This week’s PHP replicates the personal interaction using technology.

Read more below >> Ten Ways to Use PHP On Your Website Tip #8: Personalize Your Website With People’s Names

It’s nice to go to a place where everyone knows you by your name If you’re like me, it’s nice to work with a company where they recognize you by name. It makes it seem that the company is reaching out to me, as a person, as opposed to me as just another nameless, mindless customer. In this high tech world that conspires to keep us separated from each other, technology can often be used to re-connect. When someone that you don’t know well (i.e. you’ve met once or twice) remembers your name and greets you personally, it makes you feel that you’re important enough for them to commit your name to memory. It’s impressive.


As a review, PHP is a programming language that can be leveraged to make a website more interactive. For the basics on PHP, please read my earlier article, What is PHP and Why Should I Care? How does this work? PHP can personalize a website for someone in three easy steps: In this case, we send you a personalized email message (from our php-based email system). When you click on a link in the email message, the link contains information that the website can use to look up your name. We display the your first name on the website, like the example below: Welcome,$first Test It Out, $first: To test out how this works, visit our website here >> Why should I bother using PHP to personalize my website? Personalizing a website with a person’s name makes them feel welcome. It creates an impression that the company cares who they are, and creates trust and confidence.

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