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PHP can help you do more than just create web pages. This week’s example highlights how you can keep employee’s emergency contact information in one place and easily accessible.

Read more below >> (Note: we are making this script available to anyone for free) Ten Ways to Use PHP On Your Website Tip #5: PHP Application: Emergency Contact Information

Download PHP Application - Visit Here >>Have you ever needed to reach an co-worker’s family – quickly? Last year, a scary thing happened here at the Customer Paradigm office ­­ one of our newly-hired programmers went into a grand mal seizure. Scary stuff. The paramedics arrived quickly, and while he was okay, he was pretty out of it. We didn’t have easy access to his emergency contact information (it was locked in a file cabinet and the person with the key was out of the office). Thus he was unable to tell us about his medical history or give us a phone number of a loved one to call and let them know he was in the hospital.

A PHP-based solution: Emergency Contact Information System As we’re a web-development organization, we had the idea to create a web-based system to prevent this from happening in the future. We built a system where everyone’s emergency access information could be saved into an online database. Anyone with proper access codes could get to it quickly and easily ­ and from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Here’s the login screen to retrieve emergency contact information:

Emergency Contact System - Admin Login

Once into the system, the admin user can select an employee and click to view each person’s contact information quickly and

easily: Emergency Contact Form - Admin View


Here’s how the form looks to the employee, filling out the form:

Emergency Contact System - form for employees

Download this PHP script for your website. Because we know how helpful a system like this can be, we are posting the php script and installation file on our website for anyone to install and use. (Just think of us when you need a PHP application built for your organization.) If you’d like us to install it for you, or customize it any way, please let us know.


Summary: PHP can be used for more than just displaying web pages. This mini-application allows you to keep employee’s emergency contact information accessible from any web browser.

 Download PHP Application - Visit Here >>

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