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Testimonials are a great way to make people feel from comfortable about your website. But nobody actually reads testimonial pages. The answer…

read below >> Ten Ways to Use PHP On Your Website Tip #3: Random Quotes & Testimonials Random Quotes & Testimonials.

Testimonials are a key way to develop trust and confidence in a website. The person who is on the other end of the browser screen wants to know that other people have been in their shoes, and that other people have made the right decision by doing business with the organization. But studies show that nobody clicks on the testimonial page on a site. It’s better to “sprinkle”

php-based random testimonialsthem in throughout the site. Rather than go through each page of a website to manually add in a testimonial, PHP programming allows you to create a database table of testimonials, and then randomly (or sequentially) serve a testimonial on each page of the site.

How Does This Work? When you visit a web page, php code on the server chooses a random quote from a database table. Think of a table like a spreadsheet, where you have these types of fields: Great Product “When I started searching for…” Easy to Use “I was amazed how easy this was…” Can’t live without “I can’t imagine living without this…” Two Thumbs Up “I was so happy to see that it worked…” After the php code grabs the Title and Testimonial fields from the correct row, it then inserts the information onto a page on the site:InJoyVideos.com) Sequential vs. Random Instead of randomly displaying a testimonial, the site could instead sequentially display testimonials. For example, the first page the person sees, they would see testimonial #1, the second page they visit, testimonial #2, etc. This is different than having testimonial #1 on the about us page, and testimonial #2 on the contact page. Instead, it works by counting each page the visitor requests, and serves the testimonials in a set, sequenced order. This tactic is ideal if you want each testimonial to build upon the previous one, regardless of which page they visit in the site. Random Quotes From A Book For a site promoting my wife’s book, God in the Wilderness, we wanted to feature an attention-grabbing quote on each page of the site: Adventure Rabbi CP

(This was definitely one of the more intense quotes in the book.) We created an easy-to-use admin area where someone could add, edit or remove quotes to the site:

Manage Quotes - PHP based system

Summary: With an interactive language like PHP, you can randomly “sprinkle” content like quotes or testimonials throughout your site to create trust and add excitement


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