Our Team

It’s no secret—at Customer Paradigm, we do things differently.

Unlike other web design firms, we have a staff of in-house expert programmers ready and qualified to take on your project. Their combined experience and proficiency in website development means that no matter what you need—whether it’s a custom-built website or on-call Magento eCommerce support—they can deliver the high-quality, timely product you’re looking for. With Customer Paradigm, you can rest easy knowing your project isn’t overseas: it’s in the hands of experienced professionals right here at our Boulder, Colorado office.

We believe that in order to make your project—whether big or small—a success, we need to understand your unique business goals. That’s why a member of our Project Management Team will take the time to understand your needs and business mission, and manage your project from kickoff to completion. As long as you’re working with us, your Project Manager will be just a phone call or email away with the response to all of your thoughts, questions, or concerns with your project.

Our SEO/SEM Department and Graphic Design Team merge their knowledge of technology and aesthetics with the latest research in consumer psychology to bring you the best business strategies and principles. This means we have the skill and experience to create the perfect website for your needs and goals, while still making it original, effective and functional. So your business can acquire new customers and keep them.

At Customer Paradigm, we don’t think it’s too much to ask that you get top-tier development, design, and support at a price that makes sense. That’s why when you’re working with Customer Paradigm you can expect all your needs to be met, from expert consultation on marketing strategy to getting a real person on the other end of the phone every time. Meet the team that makes it all happen below.

Jeff Finkelstein, Founder

Jeff Finkestein - Founder, Customer Paradigm Jeff Finkelstein is the founder of Boulder, Colorado based Customer Paradigm, an interactive marketing firm that has helped clients including Xcel Energy, 3M, Level 3, and BP achieve their goals through Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, Web Design and various other marketing strategies. An expert on Internet Privacy and Web Marketing, Jeff evangelizes the customer experience and helps businesses design sequenced interactions that lead to loyal, delighted customers.

Finkelstein is an adjunct professor for Colorado State University, and has lead workshops around the country teaching companies how to better optimize their websites, get found, and convert visitors into paying customers. Finkelstein has written syndicated columns on web marketing, and reaches tens of thousands of people each month through Customer Paradigm’s eLearning Series newsletter.

Finkelstein has been featured in The New York Times as a Web Guru, and his company has received numerous awards, including the prestigious 2008 Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association Supplier of the Year Award.

Finkelstein is a professional photographer and has had images published in hundreds of publications in dozens of countries. He has images on permanent display in museums in three countries, has received paid contracts from the National Geographic Organization for his images, and will have thirty images featured in an upcoming book by Kar-Ben Publishing. A member of the National Press Photographers Association, Finkelstein is not often seen without his camera.

Finkelstein also helps his wife, Rabbi Jamie Korngold, run the Adventure Rabbi program. Through search engine optimization, reporters from Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, CBS News and Ski Magazine found out about the organization and ran articles and TV segments. This intense media interest sparked a book offer from Doubleday Religion, who published Rabbi Korngold’s best-selling book, God in the Wilderness, in April 2008. Her latest book, The God Upgrade (April 2011), has also become a bestselling book.

Finkelstein studied Political Science and Psychology at the University of Michigan, holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Technology Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has served as an intern at The White House, where he drafted executive correspondence, including the 1993 National Medal of Science & Technology message.

Alisa Carscaden, Managing Director 

Alisa Carscaden - Search Marketing Director

Google Adwords CertifiedAs our Online Media Manager, and with years of experience, Alisa is able to take your Social Media Campaign to the next level. She stays ahead of the curve for online trends, and can tremendously promote the virality of your online marketing campaign. She is worldly, being raised in New Zealand and spending her childhood in Hungary. Having recently moved to Colorado, she spends her days getting lost in the mountains and spending time with her dog, and loving husband.


  • Social Media Management
  • CPC Campaign Management
  • Content Creation

David Sturgeon, Director of Operations

David Sturgeon

David has been a “tech-thusiast” from the moment he touched his first Apple II plus. Before even reaching high school, David was part of a team that developed one of the world’s first online student newspapers, “The Vocal Point”, which earned international recognition from organizations as far away as Japan for being at the forefront of emerging online technologies. Over the past 15 years, David has been involved in a wide variety of internet-based businesses, including a fully-fledged Magento-based e-commerce company in the outdoor industry, where he was responsible for all aspects of the business.

In his off time, when he is not mastering a new video game, he is a genuine travel nut who loves exploring new places.


  • Management
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Conversion Optimization
  • User Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & PPC

Shawna Maas, Sales and Marketing

Shawna Maas

How many people at a Web development company have direct, hands-on experience running an
e-commerce site? Prior to joining the Customer Paradigm team, Shawna ran all aspects of an exclusive women’s retail clothing site on the Magento platform. With more than six years of e-commerce experience under her belt, she can easily understand what clients need in order to do a better job interacting with clients online. Shawna also has extensive experience with digital & print marketing, SEO, social media, brand management, customer relations, and Magento training.

When she isn’t busy trying to find the best Magento solutions for our clients, she enjoys attending to her garden and spending time family & friends.


  • Customer Relations
  • Magento Training
  • Digital Marketing

Tom Christen, Sales

Tom Christen

When speaking with Tom, you can rest assured that, “every little thing is gonna be alright.” Tom has a passion for uplifting others and helping them succeed. He is also known for his integrity, creative problem solving, and impeccable service. Tom’s experience in web and graphic design, and business marketing means that he is able to carefully listen to your needs, then turn around and create an effective and personalized solution sure to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

When he’s not at Customer Paradigm helping our clients succeed, he spends times in his home filled with love, laughter, his amazing wife, piggy back rides with his 3 kids, and his crazy chocolate lab, Marley.

He also loves playing drums and exploring the outdoors—hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding—and spreading love and smiles everywhere he goes.


  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Online & Offline Business Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Blueberry Pancakes

Jonathan Leonard, Sales

Jonathan grew up in Silicon Valley where he was always keeping up to date on the latest tech trends. Before coming on board to Customer Paradigm, Jonathan ran the e-commerce division of an industrial equipment / machinery company, where they sold pre-owned Metal Fabrication industrial equipment. Jonathan has also worked in the financial sector, as well as owned and ran a successful construction company for five years. Jonathan specializes in helping understand what website owners need, and can help them reach their business objectives.

When he’s not at Customer Paradigm headquarters, Jonathan can be found snowboarding on the slopes of Colorado, or cooking gourmet meals for friends and family.


  • Customer Advocacy
  • Web Development Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Construction/Welding
  • Professional Chef

Leah Prusiner, Email Marketing Tech/Project Manager

Leah Prusiner - Customer Paradigm

Leah has a love for art & design, receiving her BA in Studio Art at CU-Boulder. While there, she also received her Technology Arts & Media program certification. She has extensive experience in Logo & Brand Design, and content management. When not in design mode, Leah enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and running. She has spent the last three years teaching cycling classes and often partakes in Triathlons, Marathons, and even Ironman races. As a transplant from San Francisco, Leah never found herself able to leave the allure of the Rocky Mountains.


  • Email Marketing – Design/Implementation
  • Customer/Client Relations
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp

Bruce Vissing, Project Manager

Bruce grew up surrounded by a family of photographers in Cincinnati, Ohio. It only made sense, after attending Ohio State University for Political Science and working in political fundraising, that he returned to the creative field. He has managed projects from Fortune 100 clients to international advertising agencies. Bruce was selected by a Fortune 500 client to help manage and build an e-commerce photography studio from scratch. Focusing on client relations and having an ability to communicate with a wide variety of cognitive styles are skills Bruce holds as keys to his success.

After managing countless commercial photo and video shoots, Bruce moved to Colorado to experience the mountains and the beauty of the region. He enjoys being outdoors in any capacity but skiing, rock climbing, and hiking are his new found passions. You can typically find Bruce up in the mountains when he is not biking around town checking out the newest local brewery.


  • Client Relations
  • Digital Media
  • E-commerce Design

Tom Samson, Developer

Tom Samson - Magento Developer

Magento Certified DeveloperWhile studying electrical engineering at Arizona State University, Tom realized his true interest lay in computer programming. Fortunately for us, he returned to his home state of Colorado and now brings his expertise in PERL, PHP, and JAVA to the Customer Paradigm programming team.


  • Fixing broken/tired code
  • PERL
  • PHP
  • JAVA

Tim Burch, Senior Developer

Tim Burch - Senior Developer

Tim Burch is a seasoned database developer and programmer with over a decade of experience. He has worked for companies large and small, in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and has built several complex web applications from scratch, including a proprietary CRM system and inventory management software. A Northern Virginia native who came to Colorado by way of California, Tim attended Cornell University, graduating in 2002 with a degree in computer engineering and a minor in technical writing.


  • Database design and development
  • Understanding the business logic behind the application
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, and XML

James Slahor, Developer

James Slahor - Developer and Technical Project Manager

With 13 years of experience in web development, operating systems, end-user applications and project engineering, James brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table here at Customer Paradigm. This Illinois native’s degree in computer science from Bradley University helped develop his strengths in Perl, PHP, C, and MySQL programming.

An insightful philosopher both on and off the web, James enjoys mountain living and live music (and makes a mean Chateaubriand).


  • Perl
  • PHP
  • C
  • MySQL

Scott Renick, Developer

Scott Renick - Developer

Magento Certified DeveloperEqually comfortable working in the database back-end or the JavaScript front-end, Scott has developed many complex web applications using proprietary, as well as established, PHP frameworks. A Colorado native who has lived in Phoenix and Seattle, Scott has over 13 years of experience in PHP-based web applications and a computer engineering degree from University of Colorado.

In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar in local bands and smokes amazing spareribs for friends and family.


  • Javascript Ajax
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • MySQL

Brandon Mikulka, Developer

Brandon Mikulka - Developer and Programmer

Brandon Mikulka is developer and programmer with a diverse background in computer science and visual arts. His body of work has spanned from working on blockbuster films, to creating motion graphics, to building technical websites. Receiving a degree in Teledramatic Arts and Technology from California State University Monterey Bay and working on his BS in Computer Science, Brandon has a strong technical ability along with a keen eye for design.


  • Front End Development & Styling
  • Connecting Visual Design With Program Code
  • Understanding of User-Centered Design

Matthew Cullum, Developer

Matthew was born and raised in the small, rural town of Smartsville, CA. Despite growing up in a rattlesnake-ridden gold rush town sharing a border with Timbuktu, Matthew managed to discover his passion for technology when his family bought their first computer. Because his house had no internet connection, he would use his local library to download software and documentation to a thumbdrive, bring it home, and teach himself to code. He wrote his first few programs in C++, before immersing himself in PHP, and in turn, the world of web development. Today he’s fluent in a range of both frontend and backend languages and frameworks, with a strong focus on OOP, CI, and Agile.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys long road trips, camping, hiking, and coding. He loves trying new things, anything from a last-minute skydiving trip to a new series on Netflix.


  • Frontend Development & UX
  • Object-Oriented PHP & Ruby Programming
  • Engineering Solutions That Are Both Maintainable & Scalable

John Huffman, Developer

John grew up in the mountains doing mountain things until he moved to Denver and graduated from University of Denver with a degree in Computer Science. He is experienced with and enjoys coding nearly everything in PHP, JavaScript, and Python. When he’s not coding, John can be found dozing or playing with his cats, sipping on a quality microbrew, or playing golf.


  • Back-end Programming
  • JavaScript
  • Identifying Bugs

Alex Aguilar, Developer

Alex’s programming career began at a technical high school where he was able to nurture his natural interest in computer science and technology. After that, he enrolled in St. John’s College where he read many essays and oeuvres that assisted in the foundation and formation of modern math, science, history, and philosophy, even serving as student body president his senior year. Over the past two years, he studied the foundations of many computer languages: Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby.

When Alex is not at work, he enjoys taking his dog to the dog park, reading, and spending time with friends.


  • JavaScript
  • The PHP

Andrew Carlson, Developer

Andrew has been in the technology industry for over 20 years with a strong background in web development. He enjoys working on Magento based e-commerce websites and keeping up with what’s new in the industry, paying special attention to the details of his clients’ individual development needs.

Outside the office, Andrew is distinctive with his skills of making baked goods at home for friends and family. He enjoys playing video games or listening to metal music with his cat. Andrew is also known around the office for his superior ping pong playing abilities and is hard to beat!


  • 3 years Magento Development
  • 8 years LAMP (Linux, apache, MySQL, PHP) Development
  • 20+ years in technology

Mike Stacey, Front-End Developer

Mike has had a diverse career, beginning in custom fabrication, moving to pro audio touring and continuing to custom web development. He has worked around the country on different projects large and small, from the physical to the digital. Mike was born in the log cabin that he built himself in the rugged mountains of north Denver. He is currently raising an army of code centric chinchillas that have a singular goal of hacking into the great cheese repos around the world. When he isn’t attaching lasers to his attack wombats, he enjoys playing music with his friends, cooking with his wife and hunting leaves with his cats.


  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Table Saws
  • Responsive Design
  • Creme Brulee

Ian Goolsby, Front-End Developer

Ian was born in Texas, migrated to SoCal for 16 years, and finally landed in colorful Colorado. He is not going anywhere else as he’s fallen in love with the beautiful state. With over 15 years of professional graphics and web design experience, he can confirm that online and print aesthetics count far more than many realize. Ian is pleased to have found a tight family here at Customer Paradigm and is looking forward to many great projects with the team. “Come on in. Kick the feet up. Stay awhile.”

In his spare time, Ian is proud to keep skateboarding alive while breathing life into old vehicles. With his dogs and his girlfriend, he can also say that life rules.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Premier Pro

Paul Espino, Front-End Developer

Paul is a strategic brand and ecommerce consultant, designer and web developer with 10+ years of hands-on experience in creating, launching and managing fashion and consumer brands.

Paul is highly skilled in web and mobile technologies. He is also current in all programming languages such as JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Ajax, AS 2/3, Apache, Linux, Shell and others. One of his strongest skills involves online conversions, which include online marketing, SEO and Magento ecommerce platform management.

His vast knowledge and know-how comes from his proven performance in different roles he has held within new and established lifestyle brands. From writing business plans, raising funds for new startup businesses, structuring endorsement deals to create brand concepts, designing and producing apparel products, Paul has the ability to deliver results from inception to final launch.

Along with his planning and structuring skills, Paul has a very clean and tasteful design aesthetic that separates him from the competition. His design career started at a very young age and over the years his style has evolved into a stripped-down minimalistic style that allows only for the most fundamental features and barest essentials to provide maximum visual effect.


  • Online Conversion Funnels
  • UX/UI
  • Mobile

Seth Zweig, Front-End Developer

Seth’s career spans over 15 years and includes working with everyone from large corporations and governmental agencies to small businesses and marketing firms. He has seen hundreds of websites through from inception to delivery and with it, a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Seth is passionate about both the artistic and logical aspects of exceptional web design and development.

On a lighter note, he and his ridiculous dog enjoy walking in the park, smelling flowers, and taking naps. When not building kick-ass websites, he also likes to experience all the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer.


  • WordPress
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Front End Programming
  • Crossword Puzzles

Erin Tran, SEO Strategist

SEO Specialist

Erin has an analytical and creative mind with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the University of Colorado School of Journalism. She enjoys the psychology of buyer behavior and the importance of strong branding and design.

When she’s not at work, Erin is often outdoors hiking, rock climbing, and volunteering with animal rescues.


  • UX/Diagnostics
  • Content Creation & Blogging
  • Design & Graphics

Tara Streff, SEO Specialist

Tara has a wide range of experience from SEO, to Project Management, Marketing, Sales and Web Design. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. She has worked with large Corporations and smaller companies in several different industries giving her an appreciation for all sorts of product types. Tara is especially passionate about learning what her clients wants and needs are so she can help increase their business through online marketing.

Other than work Tara enjoys a wide range of activities. These include walking her dog Bella, traveling, being outdoors camping, hiking, tubing, live concerts, playing volleyball, car shows, painting, reading and arcades.


  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Design & Graphics

Stacey Salstein, Director of Finance

Stacey Salstein Stacey was introduced to the world of accounting at seventeen, when she began helping manage accounts for her family’s business in São Paulo, Brazil. Now, she’s pursuing her degree in Accounting at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The most important things to this Florida native are exploring, sunny days, and a well-balanced life (and checkbook).


  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Data entry
  • Office administration

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