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Trust your Business with our Certified Shopify Developers

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we are happy to review your current site at no charge – we’re here to increase your Shopify sales, conversion rates, and overall revenue.

Top-tier development and innovative marketing – contact us today to kickstart your next growth curve.

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A note from Customer Paradigm’s founder, Jeff Finkelstein:

My passion is helping small businesses like yours leverage the power of the Web to aggregate customers according to interest, and not geography. 12,700+ projects later, I still love what we’re doing, and I love that the premise of the company – customer-centric thinking – is still just as valid and relevant today as it was back in 2002.

Back then (before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the iPhone, Amazon Prime, Gmail or Shopify), I saw that the companies that were succeeding online were the ones that were focused on the end customer experience.

The name of the company, Customer Paradigm, was based on the assumption that end customers increasingly have control over their purchasing experience. Buying online, interacting with people based on interest instead of geography – all of this was made possible by the Web.

In 2002, we helped businesses with three things: Acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones, and interacting with them online.

In 2019, the underlying goals are the same, but strategies and tactics are in many cases radically different.

My favorite part of the day is talking to business owners like you to discuss your digital marketing goals, and see if there’s anything I can recommend that may make your Shopify site or your brand more successful.

Let me know – I can meet here in Boulder, or over the phone – 303.473.4400.

Thanks! – Jeff
Customer Paradigm founder Jeff Finkelstein has been called a “Web Guru” by the New York Times.


Problems We Solve:

• Making it easy for customers to find you via Google and other search engines.

• Helping you keep in touch with your past customers and prospects via cost-effective personalized email.

• Designing websites that creates a positive, trusted impression for an organization.

• Guiding prospects effortlessly through a sales funnel, using a six-step process to build trust and develop a relationship.

• Keeping a website up-to-date with fresh content, professional images, video, podcasts and blogs.

• Allowing an organization to easily update their website without any special training or software.

• Making it as easy as possible for customers to make purchases on an eCommerce site.

• Speeding up slowwwww sites.

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Free, No Obligation Shopify Optimization Consultation:

Call Today! 303.473.4400  Toll Free 888.772.0777

Shopify Digital Marketing & SEO

If you're looking for someone to help with digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) for your Shopify site, Customer Paradigm's team of experts may be able to help.

Based in Boulder, CO, we've been working on websites since 2002. We've helped big brands reach their customers, as well as small and medium sized businesses.

Everything we do is transparent. We're happy to tell you exactly what we're doing to help boost site traffic to your site, and help engage them when they arrive. We're happy to train you, too, if you'd like to learn how to do ongoing digital marketing for your Shopify ste.

At Customer Paradigm, we do three things to help Shopify store owners with digital marketing and SEO:

  • Acquire New Customers. Through search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media and more, we can help you reach your customer in an efficient way.

  • Retain Existing Customers. We can help you keep your existing customers engaged with your Shopify store, products and brand, using social media marketing, retention email and PPC retargeting advertising.

  • Interact via Shopify Site. We can help you increase the level of engagement for your Shopify site, including adding new design elements, more content, and producing compelling video and images for your Shopify store.

Call today: 303.473.4400


Our Six Step Process for Digital Marketing for Shopify Merchants:

Customer Paradigm's transparent digital marketing process for Shopify merchants:

1. Customer Discovery / Brand Alignment & Competitive Research.

We'll meet (on the phone or in person in Boulder, CO) to discuss your Shopify site, target audience, and customer profile.

We'll want to know why your customers like buying from your Shopify storefront. We'll explore what matters to them, including pricing, customization, eco-friendly matters, or if they love working with you because of your customer support, shipping.

We'll delve into your backstory - why your company is in business to serve your customers. And use that positioning to help guide our digital marketing efforts.

Our goal is to explore why your customers buy from you, as well as evaluate your competitors in the marketplace. We'll look at other sites, and examine how others in your space market and position themselves.

In order to keep costs down, we'll work closely with your team on this research, and will limit this phase to a few hours of time.


2. Site Audit & Recommendations for Your Shopify Site.

Before we go in and make changes that will affect your site's functionality or digital marketing efforts, we'll conduct an internal and external site audit to find any show-stopping issues that a search engine might have when indexing your site.

Search engines like Google crawls the pages of your Shopify website, checks for broken links, meta data, content issues, image and links issues, semantic structure and more.

Our site audit us insight to actionable areas where we can improve the performance and quality of your Shopify site.

And before we help you spend time and energy (and money) driving new and existing customers to your Shopify site, we want to make sure that the site is ready to catch them.

We can identify any of the following SEO issues for your Shopify site, and fix them quickly:

  • Search visibility, indexing, crawling, errors resolution; sitemap, robots configuration.

  • Links - internal links missing anchors, titles, alt text tags

  • Images - non-optimized images, missing images, pixelated or large images that are missing alt and title tags.

  • Meta data - including reviewing the site for appropriate page titles and meta description tags for pages, addressing duplicate content issues, or issues with meta data length, quality or errors.

  • Content and display issues, including areas of the site with confusing content, dense content, or missing content.

    - Social media integration, including multiple channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram can be tied together in a cohesive social strategy that drives traffic to the site.

  • Content / Catalog optimization - page by page treatment to optimize products, categories; CMS pages; content structure, readability, topical focus, keyword utilization, low word count, duplicate content.

  • Identifying areas for content development, management, and marketing for your Shopify site, including blog writing and site optimization.

  • Analyze site speed and solutions for improvement – including optimizing images and/or video for your Shopify site.

  • Ensuring that tracking and measurement technology is present on the site and working, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel tracking, etc.

At Customer Paradigm, we strongly feel that any successful, long term search marketing strategy for your Shopify site begins with a thorough and effective optimization.

That said, digital marketing optimization is not a one-time event. Just as you add new products to your Shopify site each month, it's important to keep the content and structure of your site up to date.

That's why an ongoing, long-term SEO strategy for your Shopify site is critical. A good Shopify eCommerce website is never "done" or completed. It's instead carefully curated and cultivated each day, month and year.

3. Shopify Site Changes / Design Updates.

Once we identify areas for improvement we'll work with you and your team to update the site so that it's ready to drive traffic and convert people into paying customers.

Again, our digital marketing process for Shopify store owners is transparent. We'll tell you what needs to be done, and we're happy to do some (or all) of the work for you and/or train you and your team on best practices for digital marketing.

We have a full team of front end designers, content writers and backend programmers that can help take your Shopify site to the next level.

4. Demand Generation for your Shopify Site, including Pay Per Click Advertising

Once the Shopify site is ready to "catch" visitors, our team will work with you to drive more targeted traffic to the site.

This is often a combination of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing and Social Media adverting and outreach.

We'll build a strategy to help you achieve success. And again, we're transparent. We'll tell you what we're going to do, and you'll have full access to the Google pay per click metrics and dashboard. We're happy to work with you collaboratively on your Shopify site, so that we can help you achieve success.

In conjunction with SEO, pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site. Developing a search marketing strategy that uses search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising together is vital in achieving prime ad positions, gaining more brand exposure, and increasing click through rates. It’s a great way to focus, test, and continuously improve your search marketing, and maximize traffic and conversion opportunities across your organic and paid search campaigns.

If you have an existing PPC account for your Shopify site, we can evaluate and advise on what is working, how to improve, and what next steps to take to optimize your PPC campaigns. Once you're ready to move forward, we manage all the elements of your PPC campaigns in conjunction with your SEO strategy.

Continuous Search Marketing Strategy:

Do you want your Shopify storefront to be found? A long-term commitment to continuous optimization for the best user search experience is important to ensure effective search presence and traffic to your site for the life of your business.

Your Shopify website is never finally fully optimized because your competitors are constantly improving their sites and trying to get ahead. Your competition is constant - the only way to stay ahead is through continual effort.

We create flexible, holistic marketing strategies for digital performance and growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Shopify eCommerce sites by its very nature is a dynamic practice. With a view across the expansive digital landscape, a good search marketing strategy utilizes a host of channels, methodologies, and tools. Various strategies will be used as needed, which become apparent as the site evolves and your business grows. Some of the strategies/tactics used may include the following:

  • Content and meta development, optimization, strategy (i.e., blog, categories, products, social)

  • Category, product pages optimization and promotion (i.e., campaigns, dedicated landing pages)

  • Onsite usage and traffic analysis

  • Conversion analysis and optimization

  • Site performance analysis, issues monitoring and resolution

  • User experience research and optimization

  • Competitive research and analysis

  • Branding strategy, USP and differentiation

  • Social media optimization

  • Display Network ads

  • Email marketing

  • A/B split testing

  • Marketing channel analysis

  • Onsite surveys for discovery of issues and insight for improvement

  • AdWords optimization, management


5. Retention Marketing for Shopify Sites.

Once you've spent blood, sweat and tears to get great clients to make a purchase from your Shopify site, we can help you reach back out to past customers and prospects to get them to purchase again.

We have a tremendous amount of experience with permission-based email campaigns, and can help you bring people back with relevant, anticipated content.

We can also help with abandoned cart emails, and work with you to help market free samples / trials for your Shopify site.

We can also help you develop and execute strategies for using social media as a means to reach back out to past customers and get them to spread the word about your Shopify site, or come back and make a repeat purchase.

We've helped major household brands reshape their retention marketing tactics - let us help you guide your customers back to your site.

6. Measurement, Tracking and Results.

You can only control what you measure. We will work with you to review what's working, what's not, and what changes we need to make to better drive more sales to your Shopify site.

You'll work with a dedicated project manager, who will be able to answer any questions about your account.

We're transparent. So what we see, you see. We won't hide behind secret formulas. The only formula that works for your Shopify site is the one that best engages with your customers.

For more information, or a free Web marketing strategy review, please call us at 303.473.4400


Digital Marketing for Shopify: How To Update a Shopify Site for SEO:

1. How to update the Title Tag and Meta Description for a Shopify Product Page:

Here's a test site that I put together, using a bunch of plush toys that I have left over from a previous trade show.

On this product page, you can see that I'm logged into the Shopify admin (from the menu at the bottom of the page):

Shopify Product Page - How to Edit Title and Meta Description

Shopify Product Page - How to Edit Title and Meta Description Tag -- Click Here for Screenshot >>


When I click on the "Edit Product" button on the previous page, it opens up the Shopify admin in a new tab or window in my browser.

From there, I can type in a new Page Title for the Shopify title tag, such as "Green Octopus Plush Toy Dolls | Free Shipping"

In the code view, when the Shopify site is displayed to the end user, it would look like this in the HTML:
Green Octopus Plush Toy Dolls | Free Shipping

How to Update Page Title, Description - Shopify Admin View

How to Update Page Title, Description - Shopify Admin View - Click Here for Screenshot >>

Similarly, I can update the description tag as well.

The Meta Description tag in Shopify is not something that the end user will actually see on the page. It's hidden in the HTML code.

Where it shows up, however, is in a Google search result. While Google and other search engines won't always use the Meta Description tag that you type into the Shopify Admin, it is often displayed - especially if it is relevant.

A good description tag should work as a call to action for the end user, who sees the short description of your Shopify site in a Google search result listing.

Other content on your Shopify product page can be updated as well, including the title or name of your product, and the description

One of the most commonly cited reasons people do not make a purchase from an eCommerce site (including perhaps your Shopify site) is lack of content.

You have to give people a lot of information about your product, including weight, dimensions, what it's made of, how it can be used, who it's for, etc.

Same thing goes for photos and video. People want to see your product from all angles, and be able to zoom in on details. If you're selling something electronic, they want to know how long the batter will last, why type of connector cords work, what it's compatible with, and how to best use it.

On a page like this in your Shopify admin, you can add in all of these details and more:

Shopify Admin - Product Description and Image Editing Tutorial

How to Add / Update Product Description, Title and Images for better digital marketing on your Shopify site - Click here for screenshot >>


Similarly, if you wish to update the Search engine listing preview on the home page, category page or collections page of your Shopify site, you can also do that quickly and easily from the Shopify admin area:

Shopify Admin Area - update home page and description for SEO

How to Update Search Engine Listing for Home Page of Shopify Site - Click Here for Screenshot >>>

Here's what the content for the home page looks like, after I've updated the title tag and meta description, within the Shopify admin area:

Shopify admin area - how to update SEO tags on home page

Shopify Admin Area - How to Update Title Tag, Meta Description on Home Page - Click Here for Screenshot >>

Retention Marketing in Shopify:

Another place within the Shopify admin is the "Customers" tab. This allows you to view the following types of customers in your Shopify site:

  • All customers

  • New Customers (i.e. a specific date range)

  • Returning Customers

  • Abandoned checkouts (so you can reach back out and entice them to complete the purchase)

  • Email subscribers - people who have signed up to receive permission-based email updates.

  • From United States (or elsewhere

Here's a view of this page in the Shopify admin; this will allow a Shopify owner like you to go in and export and better interact with your customer base.

Customer Paradigm's team of digital marketing experts can help you create targeted, relevant marketing campaigns for your customers and prospects, and get them to purchase again and again.

Shopify Admin - Customers Tab

Retention Digital Marketing for Shopify - Customers Tab. Click Here for Screenshot >>


Since 2002, we’ve completed more than 12,600+ successful projects for our customers.

Call now – 303.473.4400

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