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The right professional headhsot can not only make or break
your look: they can help you succeed in business.

Do you need a professional headshot photographer in Boulder or Denver, Colorado? We can help.

Why You Should Work With Customer Paradigm’s Jeff Finkelstein for your Professional Headshot:

Simply put, I want to make you look good. I want to help capture your emotion, and help you engage with others using a professional photograph. I use professional lighting equipment to make your skin even and smooth, your hair shine, and your eyes sharp and bright. Post-production photoshopping can cover any minor skin blemishes or acne, too.

I love to shoot on seamless white backgrounds (so that your image can be dropped into a marketing brochure or a website). Or on a black background for a dramatic effect. But here in Boulder, Colorado, we have amazing outdoor locations, too, that are literally seconds away from our photography studio.

A professional photograph lets the viewer know that you’re a serious business person, who cares about presenting the best possible image. Whether you need a headshot for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or you need one for your website or for speaking engagements, we can create a compelling look for you.

More About Jeff Finkelstein, Professional Photographer.

I’m not just a photographer. As the founder of Customer Paradigm, I lead a team of 25 designers, web programmers and project managers. We’ve built eCommerce sites that sell everything from zippers to boats to wallpaper for homes, and designed trade show booths and print marketing material.

As I understand how images will be used on Websites and in print media, I can make sure that professional headshots are shot in a way that’s both easy to use and compelling to view.

My images have been featured on the cover of books, magazines, and websites. I’m a member of the National Association of Press Photographers, and have received paid contracts for images by the National Geographic organization. I have images on permanent display in museums in three countries. My images have been featured on the cover of USA Today, Reform Judaism Magazine and on CNN.com’s website.

I have shot everything from events (weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs) to professional headshots to commercial product photography. Commercial clients range from military aircraft manufacturers to skin care products and more.

All images are shot digitally in our professional studio, using professional lighting and equipment, that give you the best results possible.

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Sample Professional Headshot Photography Images:

Professional Headshots on a Black Background:

Professional Headshot Photographer - Boulder, CO

This series of professional headshots was photographed at our studio in Boulder, Colorado. It creates a dramatic look that is perfect for social networking profile photos and more. These images were shot using a 6-light setup and a black background. The trick is to use a shallow depth of field to draw the viewer’s focus to the eyes of the subject.
View Larger Verson of Image – Click Here >>

How to take professional headshot of subject with eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, a professional headshot becomes much more complex. It’s difficult to get a quality headshot without creating reflection on the glasses. In this case, we bounced light at an angle that didn’t reflect right back to the camera, to create a clear, professional headshot of the subject that allowed his eyes to come through.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Real Estate Professional Headshot
In this professional headshot for a local Boulder, Colorado realtor, I used six different lights to try to separate her black top from the black background, so that the image didn’t create a dreaded “floating head.” I did a bit of retouching for the final image.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Professional Headshot - on Black Background

This real estate agent needed a professional headshot for her real estate business. What I like about this image is how her black top melts into the background, while a hair light to the left of the camera creates a highlight in her blond hair.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Professional Headshot on a Gray Background:

Professional Headshot - Grey Background

This image was shot on a grey background, which helped accentuate the subject’s grey hair. He wanted his headshot to convey his years of professional experience in his industry.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Outdoor Professional Headshots in Boulder, Colorado:

Professional Headshot - Vivid Outdoor Shot

This client needed an updated headshot for her book, The God Upgrade. We shot this outdoors, using off-camera flash to create a diffuse, even light.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Here’s a second shot, with the client reading text from the Torah.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Outdoor Professional Headshots in Boulder, Colorado

For this outdoor guide, an outdoor shot fit within the image he was trying to convey. It’s currently his Facebook profile photo. We wanted to create an image that had a shallow depth of field, but reinforced his smile, sense of fun, and rugged outdoor looks.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Another Outdoor Professional Headshot:

Professional Headshot - Outdoor Images

This aspiring model wanted to show off a new hairstyle, and wanted to feature her new look in a natural, outdoor setting. We shot in a field less than a mile away from our office in South Boulder, Colorado. With the blades of grass in the foreground slightly out of focus, the viewer is drawn into her eyes and smile.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Here’s another view of the same subject, this time using leading lines to draw the viewer into the image. This is a classic modeling pose that allows the viewer to see the subject’s face, and brings attention to her eyes, smile and figure.
View Larger Version of Image – Click Here >>

Action Shot:

Outdoor Headshot

This person wanted her professional headshot and photograph to reflect her having fun. I had her jump across a small, narrow stream.. which made her relax. While I helped create compelling (and serious) headshots, this image I think best captured her energy.

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