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Email Marketing Deliverability

We continuously monitor and change our systems to make sure that messages get through and are delivered to their intended audience. Our clients include Fortune 500 clients, as well as smaller 1-2 person organizations. We’ve spent thousands of hours improving our software and platform to make sure your messages get through properly. We go the extra mile, and give each customer a dedicated IP address for sending out email campaigns, and have established relationships with all of the major ISPs. We’ve been doing email marketing since the days before spam filters were required; we know how to get your messages through filters. We did all of the initial email marketing for the Howard Dean for President campaign and helped teach the staff of the campaign the best way to engage with donors online.

Here’s our process for enhancing Email Deliverabilty:

  • Each client has their own dedicated IP address for sending. Unlike most of the other email marketing vendors, with Customer Paradigm, you don’t have to worry that your campaigns will suffer if someone else sends to a bad list.
  • We create a complete domain name or subdomain that matches the from email address that is used to send out, so that all of the reverse DNS lookups, SPF records, PTR records, and other domain name pointers work properly.
  • We have established relationships with all of the major ISPs, including AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and Gmail; as well as many corporate clients.
  • Our system constructs each message in a way that is least likely to trip spam and content filters, including:
    • Email Open tracking uses our special system to bypass most of the systems that block pixel tracking.
    • Our Link Tracking system creates links that appear to be plain old HTML links. Spam filters hate it when you have long links with variables in it. Our links appear extremely clean.
    • Clean Code. Our system sends out HTML that is clean and well formatted. HTML with errors is often flagged by ISPs as someone trying to get through a junk mail filter.
    • Message Header information is created in a way that makes sure all of the DNS records, reverse pointers and other information appears that the message is coming from an email address and IP address that has authorization to send out.
    • Our opt-out link language is Can-Spam Act Compliant, but also designed to not trip up filters. Again, our links a formatted so that a variable like an email address found in some opt-out systems won’t prevent your messages from being delivered.
    • Bounce handling. Our bounce handling system prevents you from sending to people who have invalid email addresses – this can decrease your deliverability if you continue to send to invalid recipients.
    • Spam Filtering Score. We run each message through our proprietary spam filtering system to make sure that the message doesn’t raise any flags with most of the major spam filters. Our spam filtering algorithm helps us deliver properly to more than 300 million users that use some of the common spam filters.
  • Our email marketing experts live and breathe email marketing, and can help make recommendations for the layout, copy and technical details to make sure your messages will be delivered quickly and effectively.
  • We take care of the technical details for deliverability. The other variables that determine deliverability:
    • From Email Address: we make sure that the MX records and other reverse DNS records (think of it as sort of a Caller-ID for email) work properly and are authorized to send out from the system. We can make recommendations on display names and email addresses that have better deliverability.
    • Subject Line: lots of exclamation points, capital letters and other choice words in a subject line can kill your deliverability. Our experts can analyze your subject line through our spam filtering system to make sure that your messages can get through.
    • HTML Message: Simple things like a <tbody> tag, or red fonts that are really large in size can hurt the deliverability of an email campaign. We run messages through our internal spam filtering system to determine deliverability, and is based on the spam filters used by more than 300 million email users worldwide.
    • Text Message: It’s important to send out multi-part messages; but if the text version doesn’t match the HTML version, isn’t formatted properly, or is simply missing, it can trigger spam filters.
    • Getting People to Add You To Their Address Book: Most ISPs will deliver messages, even if they trigger spam filters, if the recipient has you added into their address book. We have many tried and true ways to get a high percentage of your list to add your email address into their address book for enhanced deliverability.
    • Your List: The most significant variable is your list. Depending on who is on your list will determine how likely people are to open and take action. We only work with opt-in, permission-based email lists, and have a strong track record for helping clients build and enhance their list.

To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Deliverability Optimization, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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