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( WordPress / Graphic Design / Responsive Design / Photography )

It’s not often that one of our clients is really trying to cure cancer. But that’s basically what Biodesix does. They are using leading-edge / bleeding-edge testing to figure out what types of treatments best respond to an individual, based on their blood and proteins.

For us, we were thrilled to create a custom design that addressed three key user groups:

  • Patients and Caregivers, who are searching for information about their condition.
  • Healthcare Practitioners, who want to know more, and if the tests are covered by insurance.
  • Science and Industry, who want to understand the research and clinical trials behind Biodesix tests.

Some of the photography on the site was photographed by Customer Paradigm founder, Jeff Finkelstein, including all of the executive headshots. We used images to create an emotional connection between the company and the end user on the other end of the screen.

The site is responsive, and works well on a mobile, tablet and laptop / desktop. The navigation was designed to float over some of the top images, depending on the width and device type.

The site is built on the WordPress platform, so that the client is able to update it easily and often.

This site features compelling background images throughout the site, and different header sections, depending on where an end user is on the site.

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Here’s a screenshot of the Biodesix responsive home page:


Here’s a screenshot of the home page, but in a mobile view (Responsive WordPress):


This is an example of a responsive section for one of their products:


I like how the Leadership Team’s profile photos are laid out. A hover effect lets you know their names. (These photos all by Customer Paradigm founder, Jeff Finkelstein.)

Here’s an individual executive team member bio page:


This is an example of a Science and Industry Top Page, with the navigation:


Here’s a screenshot of the Patients and Caregivers page on the responsive site:


This is one of my favorite sections – Dedicated to those that fight – the Heros. We took a risk with this imagry, but the loved it:

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