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Need Help With Your Magento Upgrade?

Magento Certified Developers
Certified Magento Developers for your Magento Upgrade.


We’re here to help. And make it easy.

But don’t take our word for it. Our developers know Magento’s 150,000 lines of code inside and out, have been tested directly by Magento and are certified to work on Magento Websites. Upgrading your existing Magento site is often a task best left to expert Magento Programmers. Customer Paradigm’s seasoned team of Magento experts who can look into the many factors at play during an upgrade such as any customizations made to your Magento store, and if the upgrade will be safe for your store.

If you need to upgrade your Magento site, Customer Paradigm’s reliable Magento Developers may be a great fit. Try us out! Or Call 303.473.4400 today!


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When To Upgrade Your Magento Store:

Not sure when is the right time for you to upgrade your Magento store? Store owners frequently ask us for advice on when the right time to upgrade is. Many store owners are interested in features offered on newer versions of Magento, while others find themselves having security issues that a newer upgrade may patch. The Customer Paradigm Team can guide you and help you decide when the best time to perform upgrades is for your business and goals.

How To Know if It Is Safe to Upgrade:

The best way to know if it is safe to upgrade is to let us examine your existing code base. We do this prior to every upgrade so that we can provide you with an accurate quote and there are no surprises.

What is the Upgrade Process Like?:

Magento upgrade is a three step process; first we update your database to point to the new version of Magento, next we move over the themes and custom extensions that make your site unique, finally we set our Testing Team on the upgraded development site to ensure everything functions properly. Once the site has been approved by our Testing Team and the client we go ahead and put the upgraded site live

Upgrading Your Magento Extensions:

Customer Paradigm can help you upgrade your existing Magento Extensions, or troubleshoot Magento Extensions that are not compatible with a newer version of Magento. If any of your Magento Extensions are not compatible with a newer version of Magento we’re here to help! Or if there is a newer version of your extension available we can install or upgrade your Magento Extension.


Why Choose Customer Paradigm for Your Next Upgrade?:

We have a stellar track record for successful upgrades on Magento eCommerce sites. Unlike our competitors, we don’t simply execute the command and then dump the incomplete project back in your lap. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns about the design or functionality of your Magento upgrade, you have full access to a dedicated Project Manager. Often times, our Project Managers and Magento Developers call the client together, so everyone is one the same page. Plus our expert team of Magento testers will compare your live site to your development site page by page to ensure that your upgrade is 100% functional. Our job isn’t done until your Magento eCommerce site has the same feel and functionality that the old one did.

Customer Paradigm can:

  • Upgrade Magento 1.3
  • Upgrade Magento 1.4
  • Upgrade Magento 1.5
  • Upgrade Magento 1.6
  • Upgrade Magento 1.7
  • Upgrade Magento 1.8
  • Upgrade Magento 1.9
  • And More!

Free, No Obligation Consultation About Magento Updates:

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Since 2002, we’ve completed more than 11,200 successful projects for our customers.

From one hour to one thousand, we can help you…

• Upgrade your Magento system to the latest version.

• Design a new look and feel for your Magento site. (Or customize an existing Magento Theme for your site).

• Add new products, new product options, product images to your Magento eCommerce site.

• Upgrade your Magento system to fix broken functionality, or add new functionality to a Magento system.

• Integrate with payment processor systems, including Authorize.net, PayPal and more.

• PCI Compliance. We can help make sure your Magento eCommerce system is set up for PCI compliance, including hosting, testing and evaluation.

• Make your Magento system more search engine friendly.

• Add a wholesale site to allow retailers or distributors to make purchases more easily.

• Migrate your Magento eCommerce system from a slow web server to a high-availability, cloud-based system that allows tens of thousands of people to access your site easily.

• Synchronize inventory to external databases (i.e. NetSuite, Quickbooks and more).

• Pre-fill registration forms so people don’t have to fill in their information again and again.

• Personalize your website, and show content based on who is on your site (new visitor / past customer).

• Send permission-based email messages to people who have signed up to receive communication from you through a web-based application.

• Automate business tasks — such as changing the information on your website without having to call a web developer or use a complicated program.

Problems We Solve:

• Making it easy for customers to find you via Google and other search engines.

• Helping you keep in touch with your past customers and prospects via cost-effective personalized email.

• Designing websites that creates a positive, trusted impression for an organization.

• Guiding prospects effortlessly through a sales funnel, using a six-step process to build trust and develop a relationship.

• Keeping a website up-to-date with fresh content, professional images, video, podcasts and blogs.

• Allowing an organization to easily update their website without any special training or software.

• Making it as easy as possible for customers to make purchases on an eCommerce site.

• Speeding up slowwwww sites.

About Customer Paradigm:

1. Acquire (Get new customers)

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Microsites

2. Retain (Keep existing customers)

  • Permission-based Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media

3. Interact (Create a compelling customer experience)

  • Website Design & Development
  • Magento eCommerce
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Professional Photography & Video

Some of our clients include:

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Free, No Obligation Consultation About Magento Updates:

Call Today! 303.473.4400 Toll Free 888.772.0777

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