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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the new standard being set by Customer Paradigm to be more accountable and provide greater results for our clients. It started as an idea in one of our weekly SEO meetings in September 2011; we were reviewing results for one of our more difficult clients, Discount Decorating Online.

The client themselves are really awesome to us, but in terms of SEO, selling wallpaper in the latter part of 2011 was hard. Historically, there are far less wallpaper purchases during the holiday season, since people want to spend time with their families rather than renovating. As we sat around the table in our conference room, we were confounded by an issue; we were sending more people to the site, and our links are all targeted, but their average orders were down.

What resulted from that brainstorming session was a new philosophy about Internet Marketing, and a new way forward for Customer Paradigm. Instead of concentrating on the classic KPI’s of SEO; which traditionally are Increased Visits, Increased New Visits, Decreased Bounce Rate, and Decreased Crawl errors, we modeled our new version of Internet Marketing off of classic marketing; making you more money. Thus, you have Conversion Rate Optimization.

How Does CRO Affect a Complete Internet Marketing Package?

Once you make the decision to optimize for conversions, the idea of a standardized SEO package becomes obsolete. The focus is once again put on the client’s needs and wants, instead of offering X links in Y time and Z content. Different clients have different marketing goals, and because of this, a very personalized and thorough approach is required of any Internet Marketing company. Some clients make their money through affiliate offers on their blog, so they want mass visitors to point to a well-written landing page. Others sell a product or service, and they count a conversion as a sale.

The point to conversion rate optimization is creating a methodology that puts the customer first, and takes all aspects of SEO and Internet Marketing and attempts to leverage it for greater conversions. The Search Marketing Experts at Customer Paradigm take the time to talk to you, learn your marketing goals, tirelessly research your industry and competition, and propose a detailed and real path towards more conversions. This could take the form of landing page optimization, site architecture optimization, link building, or just getting on the phone to reach out to local businesses in your niche.

The beauty of CRO is we don’t dictate the type of service you’ll receive, we do anything necessary to reach your goals. Remember, Customer Paradigm never locks you into a long term contract, so we work hard every month to prove our worth and keep our clients happy.

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