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What is A/B Split Testing for Magento Commerce?

A/B Split Testing is the concept of testing multiple versions of a web page against a control to see which version of a page performs better.

For instance, one might typically test two different headlines on a landing page. One would then outperform the other, and you would know what headline to use in the future.

This is a process initiated through Google Webmaster Tools, and is an integral part of the Internet Marketing process for Customer Paradigm.

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Since we made the switch from traditional SEO to the more customer-centric concept of Conversion Rate Optimization; A/B Split Testing has become a standard practice.

How does Customer Paradigm Conduct Split Testing for Magento Sites?

Customer Paradigm implements a rigorous split testing schedule for those clients that want it. For ecommerce sites, especially Magento stores, maximizing the value of every page is paramount to your bottom line. This is one investment that will show concrete results and almost surely pay for itself.

1) Split Testing can be used to get a better idea of visitor behaviors. With the new in-page analytics finally coming out of beta, a properly set up site will see huge utility from split testing. Comparing the visitor flow and in-page analytics data will show you visitor tendencies and can help dictate where to place calls to action.

2) You can use A/B split testing to solve specific problems you have with your site pages; use it as a diagnostic tool to find out what is going wrong. Once you have identified the culprit, more focused development can be applied to solve the issue in less time.

3) Split testing will begin to challenge your view of how to create a highly converting web page. Split tests can be run in any timeframe, but consistent testing and revision will eventually create a page that performs the absolute best it can.

How Do you Split Test for Magento?

A/B Split Testing is easy to set up, but difficult to plan. The concept is simple, you enter two different versions of a page into Google Webmaster Tools; when a visitor browses to that specific page, they are randomly shown one of the two versions of a page, and their metrics are recorded. Bounce rate, time on page, and where they exited is all recorded and available in a downloadable report at the end of testing. As with all tests, the longer you can run it, the more valuable the data will be.

A consistent schedule for highly converting pages or common landing pages is the most successful strategy we have seen at Customer Paradigm. Creating a funnel to bring people from a landing page to a conversion page is the basis of all Internet Marketing, and Split Testing is absolutely integral to success in this matter.

The more you test, the more qualified your business decisions will be; Customer Paradigm is constantly surprised at some of the results. Split testing will absolutely challenge your assumptions of effective design! To have Customer Paradigm setup A/B testing for your Magento Store, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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