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Do you want a way to be able to direct your clients to your website from a direct mail piece, in a way that is easily tracked and measured? A personalized web page is a great way to entice people to visit your website. Customer Paradigm’s Personalized URL system for your website can create individual URLs (i.e. www.YourDomain.com/john.smith), and allow you to track and measure people who visit your site from your direct mail campaigns. With integrated source-code tracking, and a time and date-stamp of each person who visits their URL, you can use the user’s information to personalize the page, pre-fill in form fields, and more. View A Video on our Personalized URL system by Jeff Finkelstein, founder of Customer Paradigm:

Options Include:

  • Full Service (Agency Aproach)
  • Self Service (We sell you the software and give you training)
  • Full Service –> Self Service (We start full service, get you up and running, then turn over the system to you)
  • Master License (Multiple Domains and Campaigns for many clients)


Personalized URL Pricing Options:
Buy the Personalized URL Software. For $250, you get a zip file and installation instructions, and can install the personalized URL software on your domain. Unlimited campaigns, unlimited Personalized URLs. Software is restricted to a single domain. Training and set up available on an hourly basis of $125 per hour. Contact Us >>
$595 Intro Special. No software or set up; we take care of managing the list, appending the personalized URLs to the list, setting up the landing pages and contact form settings. More Details >>
Full Service “Agency” Personalized URL campaign for up to 250,000 personalized URLs and up to five sub-landing pages. Contact Us >>
50 Domain “Master License” for Personalized URLs that allows you to run multiple campaigns from multiple domain names. Contact Us >>

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NEW: Master License for Multiple Domains:

If you’re looking for a personalized URL solution that can handle multiple domains and campaigns for clients at the same time from one location, our master domain license may be for you:

  • Run multiple landing pages and campaigns, including different domain names (URLs) from one system
  • One main domain is the default domain, while additional domains are available to be added
  • Domains can be hosted on a different server, or forwarded to the server where the master pURL license is located
  • Contact Us for more details >>

Personalized URLs are Perfect for:

  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Providing a personalized web page for your visitors
  • The system can be customized to your site’s needs.

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Key Features:

  • Allow you to offer the pURL website marketing system to their clients
  • Enhance the end user’s experience with a personalized url, mail-merged into direct mail campaigns.
  • Drive direct mail recipients to a personalized webpage, with pre-filled in form fields
  • Measure and track search responses from direct mail campaigns, and track conversion
  • Increase the response rate of direct mail campaigns

Why Do pURLs work?:

Why are personalized URLs so effective?From a psychological standpoint, people love to hear their name (except when called to the boss’s office). Placing a person’s name next to your company’s URL creates a trust-based connection. And a company that goes to the effort to create a personalized web link that greets you by name makes it clear that they value the relationship.

Personalized URL System Highlights:

  • Full-service, self-service or software - depending on your level of technical expertise
  • Real-time reporting of list statistics, including time and date-stamp of each person who visits their personalized URL.
  • Personalized URLs can be formatted either before or after the URL. For example, the system can be configured to use either of the following pURL formats:
  • You can create client-level reporting access:
    • Clients can log into the system and see their statistics for their personalized URL campaigns.
    • Client-level reporting allows you to assign a client or internal user to one or more landing pages, and give them just the access that they need.
  • Create multiple landing pages and unlimited pURLs per domain.
  • Integrated source-code tracking
  • Use the user’s information to personalize the landing page
  • Pre-fill in form fields when a visitor visits their personalized URL page
  • Contact Me Now Form system standard feature (success page, confirmation emails).
  • Survey question builder – allows you to create custom surveys with radio button groups, drop down lists, text fields or check boxes
  • Additional forms, surveys available (custom features)
  • Changes made to landing pages site via the content management system are instantly available to users on the web when they visit their page.
  • The website layout is defined in a pre-defined template, and the CMS is designed to give users the ability to edit sections of the site, including the navigation.
  • Admin users have full access to all sections of the site; medium-access users can be limited only to certain pages or areas of the site. Customer Paradigm or another qualified web developer / programmer can modify or add a template to the system.
  • If you can imagine what you’d like to do with the system, chances are we can customize it to your needs.
  • Affordable price-point for businesses and organization (much, much less than MindFire or others)

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To have Customer Paradigm contact you about our Purl Software, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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