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Apple iTunes – HTML Email Error. Oops!!

Oops! Even the best sometimes fail. Talk about HTML email errors... I received this email from Apple, and they messed up the image source reference links: <img src="https://itc.mzstatic.comhttps://itc.mzstatic.com/itc/images/email/itc-header.png" border="0"...

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The Web Turned 20 Years Old Last Week

  Last week, the Word Wide Web officially turned 20 years old. Back on April 30, 1993, CERN issued a statement saying that the World Wide Web was now officially in the public domain. (It wasn't Al Gore.) The World Wide Web (that's why you type in "www"...

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Emergency Magento Fix: Customer Feedback

Last week, we had someone call in for an emergency fix to their Magento Commerce website.Here's a quick note a couple of days later: Hi Allison, I just wanted to let you know that everything is still working fine. My bosses are extremely happy with how promptly and...

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