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What is the Difference Between Magento 2 Modes

One major difference between the Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms is the introduction of development Modes, these reflect varying configurations of the Magento codebase which affect site operations and performance. Magento 1 had a single state for development and production, Magento 2 now boasts 3 separate Modes: Default, Developer, and Production – learn about these three modes!

Are You Optimizing Search Properly for Increased Conversions?

Most e-commerce store owners know that they need to include search functionality on their website. However, few store owners spend the time to optimize their search features to act as a tool to improve their conversion rate. Learn some simple tactics for improving your search functionality, engaging your customers, and increasing your conversion rates.

The Importance of Cache and Index Management (Pt. 2 Reindexing)

Two crucial Magento Admin System settings that can go overlooked if you are new to the platform are Cache Management and Index Management. Keeping up-to-date with these processes will relieve a Magento Administrator of frustration and troubleshooting. In part two of this guide we will dive further into what Reindexing entails and why this processes is critical for your site’s performance.

The Importance of Cache and Index Management (Pt. 1 Cache)

Two crucial Magento Admin System settings that can go overlooked if you are new to the platform are Cache Management and Index Management. Keeping up-to-date with these processes will relieve a Magento Administrator of frustration and troubleshooting. In part one of this guide we will dive further into what Caching entails and why this processes is critical for your site’s performance.

The Conversion Tool You’ve Been Ignoring: Customer Reviews

When you are browsing stores online, how many times have you been swayed to buy a product based on raving reviews? How many times have you decided not to buy a product based on negative reviews? Learn how customer reviewers are a critical part of the online shopping experience and how to harness them to increase your conversion rate!

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: New Features

Magento 2 was announced on November 17, 2015, since then there have been additional version releases and the new platform is continuing to be strongly adopted. Learn about all the new and exciting features of the Magento 2 platform.

How to Define Your Target Audience and Sell More

For the majority of store owners, the most important conversion happens when your visitor makes a purchase. Your product may appeal to a wide range of people. However, it’s not going to be a perfect fit for every customer. Learn how to identify your ideal customer – your target audience, to maximize your chances at attracting these customers with high likelihood to convert to your store!

How Often Should You Get an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit will identify problematic areas that need improvement and keep your website up-to-date with the latest developments in search marketing to give you an advantage over your competition. Our SEO team talks about how often you should be performing SEO audits to keep your website on top.

Great Digital Marketing Combines SEO & PPC

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Means SEO & PPC Work Together Developing a digital marketing strategy that uses search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising together is vital in achieving prime ad positions and gaining more exposure....

Magento Imagine 2017 Recap

I'm starting to get caught up from the Magento Imagine 2017 conference... and I've put together my recap. For the past six years, I've attended the Imagine conference. This year, I was a featured speaker (more below) and Customer Paradigm had a large booth presence as...

Major Magento Announcements at Imagine 2017

At every Magento Imagine Conference you can expect big product announcements. The Wednesday morning general sessions are filled with exciting news on what is to come for the Magento platform. This year, as seen in all aspects of the conference, the buzz around M2 was...

Building Community at Magento Imagine 2017

Customer Paradigm was thrilled to be a diamond-level sponsor at this year’s Magento Imagine conference. Our team spent three intensive, exciting days on the Marketplace floor – check out what our team learned at the event, get the inside scoop from the marketplace, hear all about the M2 buzz and more!

Customer Paradigm Imagine 2017 Giveaway

We are so excited to spend three days meeting and connecting with everyone at Magento Imagine 2017 that we want to give back by having a giveaway! Learn what amazing prizes you could win at this year’s Magento Imagine conference and how to enter!

Customer Paradigm is Breaking Out! (And Other Magento Imagine 2017 “Must-See’s”)

With three jam-packed days of keynotes, breakout sessions, networking events and parties – there is a lot to see, learn and be excited for at this year’s Magento Imagine Conference. Customer Paradigm’s Founder Jeff Finkelstein will be leading two exciting breakout sessions during the conference, get all the details on these sessions and all the other hot ticket items at Imagine 2017!

Reducing Cart Abandonment Rates

With 7 out 10 customers abandoning their cart before checkout, how to do you get your customers to convert? Here are the main reasons customers abandon carts and what you can do to decrease abandonment rates. Read more >>

5 Factors that Influence Online Shoppers

Any eCommerce store owner wants to know what influences online shoppers to buy from one particular store over another. Even more so how to get customers to buy from YOUR store over ANOTHER store. We've taken a look at five of the most important influencing factors...

Don’t Push Live at Five!

Customer Paradigm project manager Darin Smith gives and important reminder on not pushing site changes live on a Friday afternoon before leaving the office for the weekend in this musical number!

3 Strategies for E-Commerce Growth in 2017

Since the start e-commerce has grown leaps and bounds each year. 2016 saw a 4.7% overall spend increase up from 1.8% in 2015. For those both starting out in e-commerce and those will well-established stores, the name of the game is always how to increase visibility and growth year after year – to keep your customers coming back for more. Here are three strategies for e-commerce growth in 2017!

3 Simple Tips for Improving Customer Experience

How is your overall user experience? Improving your customer’s experience with your website is crucial for closing the deal and increasing customer loyalty. Here are three simple factors to keep in mind when thinking about your user experience.

Setting Up a Persistent Shopping Cart in Magento 2.0

A persistent shopping cart keeps track of the items a customer adds to their cart but does not purchase during their session. Persistent shopping carts can help to reduce the amount of abandoned carts and increase your sales. Persistent shopping carts help to improve the customer experience by providing continuity. Learn how to set up persistent shopping carts on your Magento 2.0 store!

How to Create Categories in Magento 2.0

Creating new product category pages is one of the most basic functions any Magento store owner or admin should learn. Keeping products organized by category is important for user experience, organization and SEO. Read more to learn how!

Black Friday Website Tech Support

Just a quick note to let you know that most of our team will be in the office on Friday, just in case you have Magento-related site issues on Black Friday. In order to make sure we can help, make sure you know and have recently tested your site's hosting credentails...

Outbound Links Matter (for SEO)

Last week was quite a bit of a surprise for me. Why? It turns out that outbound links on your website do actually matter and can affect your SEO rankings. I was shocked. (You thought I was talking about something else?) Read more below >> Outbound Links Matter...

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