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3 Facebook Hidden Features

There are many features on Facebook, we don't have time to know all of them, so we do the best with what we know. But, what if you used the hidden features and your Facebook group page became more profitable? What if you could market on Facebook and find your target...

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Understanding Facebook Insights

  Facebook insights can feel like another image in the conglomeration of your wall posts. But the Facebook insights image is not for people to like or be entertained by, this image is solely for the productivity of you Facebook page. Could you imagine how much...

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iPad Review: Why You Should Buy an iPad

iPad Review: Why You Should Buy an iPad eLearning Series by Jeff Finkelstein 888.772.0777 303.499.9318 Last week I purchased a new iPad (more on why, below), and everyone has been asking me for my thoughts. The summary: it's a great product, and one you should...

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Google Now Has a Brain

 Google Now has a brain Google, you never fail to wow us with your ideas that bring the future to the here and now. Google Now has a brain with the stunning ability to recall past searches and topics of interest and keep us up to date avoiding us having to perform...

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Ski Photography

Jeff Finkelstein, Founder & President of Customer Paradigm, is a former professional ski patroller. If you're looking for someone who can ski backwards without poles down extreme terrain, carry lots of camera equipment and still get the action shot, you've found...

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Facebook and Apple in Harmony

Apple decides to harmonize with Facebook   Everyone is swooning over the new Macbooks and Apple gadgets, with amazing image clarity, a sleeker design (if possible) and the esteem with Apple products. Let's get down to what really matters, what are the...

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