Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach your customers instantly, and Customer Paradigm can help you bring that instantaneous connection to the next level. We all know about Facebook, but are you leveraging Twitter? LinkedIn? StumbleUpon? Pinterest? Social Media SEO is a delicate balance between marketing and SEO best practices.

Did you know that social media indicators can increase your ranking for targeted keywords simply by being shared? Do you know that there is a proper way to structure your tweets, posts, pins, and links to better rank for your keywords? Do you know the best time to schedule your tweet or post to hit the most eyeballs, and increase the possibility for sharing?

Let Customer Paradigm help with your Social Media SEO in order to boost the power of your internet marketing presence. Our team of social media experts have carefully studied every aspect of social media and have created a process to maximize the impact of every tweet, post, pin, or stumble.

What Can Social Media SEO Do for You?

Arguably, the hardest part of Social Media Marketing is creating viral content. Our team of Social Media Experts are all connected to the pulse of the internet; we see what is trending, we know how to leverage trends for our clients benefit, and we work to deliver the highest levels of production out of every social move we make.

Before we start any campaign, we take the time to learn your business, industry, and do competitive research on the social properties of your competitors; then we speak to you about your social media marketing goals. We want to know what your point of differentiation is, what makes you unique, and what drives customers to convert with you. Our entire process is guided by your vision, and once that vision is clear, we start a full-blown campaign across all forms of social media, striving to accomplish your marketing goals.

Unlike other Social Media Marketing companies, we understand (and admit) that for some industries Social Media will NOT send hundreds of qualified leads to your website. The value of Social Media Marketing is not limited to simply funneling traffic to a particular web property; the Google algorithm takes social indicators into account when determining a website’s rank for a particular keyword.

Social Media Case Study:

In the image example above, our client is a Transmission Repair Specialist; it is not in that client’s best interest to try and create a buzz to visit the site, as it wouldn’t support a viral campaign. Most of their conversions come over the phone, or from Customer Paradigm optimized Google Local Places Management.

However, Twitter is an extremely useful medium for raising social indicators for targeted keywords. Using proven techniques to create “share worthy” content, and SEO best practices, every tweet created for that month was carefully planned for targeted keywords. Those tweets were then retweeted to 44,000 users, and interacting with their followers allowed our responses to be seen by 68,000 more users.

Wouldn’t you like your keywords and URL to be seen by over 100,000 people per month for minimal marketing costs? Let Customer Paradigm help transform your Social Media Marketing campaigns into a powerhouse for rankings and traffic.

How Can you get Started With Social Media Marketing?

It’s incredibly simple to get a complete Social Media Marketing campaign off the ground. Simply fill out the contact form below or call 888.772.0777 to speak with our expert Search Marketing Team. After we learn about your industry, do competitive research, and discuss your specific marketing goals, Customer Paradigm will launch an all-out assault on the Social Media world to get your message heard, and accomplish your specific marketing needs.

To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Social Media Marketing, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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