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Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Pay Per Click Management

Get to the top of the search engines

Your company can be featured at the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and other search engines almost immediately by running pay-per-click advertising campaigns on search engine advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, Ask.com and thousands of websites that accept pay-per-click advertising. To create and optimize your Paid Search campaign, Customer Paradigm will use a combination of pay-per-click (PPC) management best practices in conjunction with a customized marketing communication strategy. Regular interaction with you, customized reporting and analysis, industry research, and frequent review of your web analytics are all part of our PPC campaign development process. Adwords Qualified Company - Google Adwords PPC - CPCYahoo Search Marketing Ambassador Pay-per-click advertising generates traffic to your website almost immediately and can be one of the most lucrative forms of Internet advertising with the proper strategy and management. We have several online retail clients who have generated millions of dollars in profitable sales through pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but it can be very expensive and isn’t for everyone, especially companies with limited budgets, low conversion rates, and a low average order value. Have us contact you nowtoday for a free consultation to see if pay-per-click advertising is right for your business.

Professional PPC Management

We have a different approach to pay per click management than most firms.  Instead of charging you a % of your advertising spend, all advertising is billed directly to you, with no markup.  We bill you only for our time to set up and monitor campaigns.  Charging a percentage of ad buys, such as 15%, creates an incentive for the marketing agency to make sure you’re spending as much as possible.  Instead, we help focus on what matters to you – acquiring new customers through search.  No budget is too small or too large.  Some clients spend $50 per month, while others spend tens of thousands on search engine marketing campaigns. To develop and optimize your Paid Search marketing campaign, Customer Paradigm will use a combination of PPC management best practices coupled with a customized marketing communication strategy. Regular interaction with you, industry research, frequent review of your web analytics and customized reporting and analysis are all part of our PPC campaign development process. And since your industry and competition are forever changing, constant attention to your PPC campaigns allows us to take advantage of opportunities that arise and identity potential threats that could adversely effect your advertising spend and PPC campaign results. Rather than a one-time PPC implementation consultant, being a marketing partner that understands your company values and industry dynamics helps us strategically optimize your PPC marketing campaigns month after month.

Years of Paid Search Marketing Experience

Customer Paradigm’s Paid Search Marketing Programoffers years of valuable expertise in the following PPC techniques to reduce your click and client acquisition costs and increase your ROI:

  • Keyword Strategy: Researching, identifying, expanding, implementing, testing, monitoring, and managing targeted keyword groups.
  • Keyword Bid Management: Continuously strategize, monitor, and manage keyword bids to reach mutually defined targets and goals.
  • Ad Copy: Writing and testing ad copy to improve keyword quality score, optmimize cost-per-click and cost-per-customer-acquisition, drive the most relevant traffic, segment markets and position your company and product/service most effectively.
  • Landing Page Consultation: Website landing page copy and design consultation to optmimize sales, lead generation and branding goals.

Pay Per Click Advertising Delivered

Included in our ongoing maintenance of your PPC advertising campaigns, our marketing team will also identify, implement and recommend several key marketing attributes that can continue to optimize your Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter, Ask.com and other paid search advertising efforts. An integrated approach ensures a higher rate of success of your advertising plan. In close consultation with you and your marketing team, we identify and test positioning strategies for ad copy and landing pages. We identify and target unexploited paid search advertising opportunities in various market segments using a well-defined creative strategy. Competitor study is also used to help identify key success drivers and industry trends. In sum, we coordinate efforts with you and your marketing team to capitalize on search opportunities created by all offline and online marketing campaigns. Let our experience work for you. To have someone contact you now about Pay Per Click Advertising, please fill out the form below or call our PPC Advertising specialist, John Rush, at 303.499.9318 x 8273. To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Pay Per Click Advertising Management, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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