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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Advertising Experts in Boulder, Colorado
Need help driving more leads to your website? Looking to increase sales? We can help.

Customer Paradigm is a Internet marketing firm and online advertising agency, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Top Five Reasons To Work With Customer Paradigm for Search Marketing:


1. We don’t mark up ad spends with Google, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook: Unlike other CPC marketing firms, Customer Paradigm doesn’t mark up the advertising. Everything is billed directly to you, and you have full access to your account in Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook. We charge only for our time to set up the campaigns and manage them on an ongoing basis. 
2. We can help you avoid costly mistakes:With CPC marketing, it’s easy to waste a lot of money… and quickly. We have been doing pay per click marketing since Google introduced Adwords in 2002. We know the pitfalls to avoid, and how we can reduce costs. Most of the time we can reduce what you’re spending, and generate more traffic, leads and sales as a result.
3. We spend time really learning about your business: Our team will spend the time that it takes to understand your business from the end customer’s perspective, and figure out how to motivate them to act. We blend consumer psychology with direct marketing acumen to create campaigns that generate results. You’ll have direct email, phone and in-person access to your account manager, who is responsible for understanding how you make money.
4. We measure and track results:We try to take a lot of the guesswork out of search engine marketing by adding tracking and measurement code that allows us to know who’s coming to you site, what keywords they used to get there, and which keyword terms convert into paying customers. Without adding solid tracking, it’s all just guesswork.
5. We never lock you into a long-term contract: If you’re unhappy with our performance, we make it easy to go. We find that other companies that lock you into a long term contract for SEO can often be good at first, but they have little incentive to work day-in, day-out to generate outstanding results.

If you’re looking for someone to help with your search engine marketing, including natural search engine optimization or paid Cost-Per-Click (CPC) marketing, we can help. We provide comprehensive internet marketing strategy, interactive advertising campaigns and website optimization and technology services to help companies increase website traffic and attract and retain new customers.

We have a different approach to Search Engine Marketing than most firms. Instead of charging you a % of your advertising spend, all advertising is billed directly to you, with no markup.  We bill you only for our time to set up and monitor campaigns.  Charging a percentage of ad buys, such as 15%, creates an incentive for the marketing agency to make sure you’re spending as much as possible. 

Instead, we help focus on what matters to you – acquiring new customers through search.No budget is too small or too large.  Some clients spend $50 per month, while others spend tens of thousands on search engine marketing campaigns. We offer our clients industry-leading Internet marketing solutions in retail, technology, finance, travel & hospitality, consulting, banking, telecom and health & wellness.

You already know that Search Engine Marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase sales or generate leads for your product/service. A Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing campaign is relatively easy to set up and can generate instant traffic to your website. And if properly built, the search engines will index your website pages and return them in their organic/natural search results, driving even more targeted traffic to your website.

Paid Search Advertising Management

Let us increase your search marketing ROI:

Pay Per Click management, for all its benefits, can quickly become time consuming and distracting. You have to keep an eye on your ROI, campaign performance metrics, and the PPC strategies employed by your competitors. You have to constantly test ad copy, create landing pages, monitor bids and employ various marketing strategies on a daily or weekly basis to maximize your ROI and sales. We can help – call 303.473.4400 or fill out this form to have someone contact you now >> 


Search Engine Marketing Case Study: Google Adwords Increases Sales by 375%

Online retailer DiscountDecorating.com features over 30,000 products on their website. Customer Paradigm manages 450,000 advertising keywords on a daily basis, and tracks how much each new lead costs not only to drive to the site, but to make a purchase. The campaigns have been so successful that Discount Decorating had to move to a larger location and add more staff to handle the increased sales volume. During the 2.5 week move, we turned off all advertising to the site. When the move was complete, sales jumped up by 375%! This site now receives 1.6 million page views per month, and continues to grow.[/box_info]


Our Proven Six Step Process to Search Marketing Success:

1. Beginning Baseline Report. Before we get started, we run a report to see how your current website performs with the top search engines, and compare this to your top five competitors. This allows us to know what keywords to focus on, and where there’s room for improvement.

2. Add Tracking & Measurement Systems. We’ll add tracking and measurement code that allows us to analyze who’s coming to your site, how they’re getting there, and if they’re making a purchase or filling out a contact form.

3. Make Changes To Your Site. We’ll update page titles, keywords, create landing pages, and make sure your site is ready to “catch” the traffic we’ll be sending your way.

4. Cost Per Click (CPC) Advertising. We’ll create a series of CPC advertising campaigns based on high-value keywords that can generate qualified traffic to your site.

5. Refine the Results. We start with a larger sample set of keywords, and then we use our proprietary tracking and measurement systems to find the keywords that not only generate traffic, but generate sales results.

6. Report Our Success.Each month, we present you with a comprehensive report (either via email, in person, or on the phone) and review the results. Your account is handled by a real person, who understands your business and how to reach your ideal customer.

Sample CPC Reports:

The following reports are sample reports, based on reports we’ve run for DiscountDecorating.com and other clients:


Our Search Marketing Promise.

Unlike other search marketing firms, we:

  • Never lock you into a long term contract.
  • We never “mark up” the CPC ad buys – they are billed directly to you.
  • We always provide you access to talk to a real person, who understands your business goals.

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