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Conversion Rate Optimization analyzes how users interact with your website to purchase a product, save to a wish list, sign up for emails, request for information, etc. The path your customers take to complete a goal is then improved upon for higher rates of conversions. If your site is easy to use and has a simple checkout process is much more likely to get more sales.

With design changes, or even accessibility of relevant pages, you can further monetize your onsite traffic.

78% of businesses are not satisfied with their conversion rates.

Are you missing out on sales because of poor conversion paths?

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About Conversion Rate Optimization:

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Are you on the right path to eCommerce conversions?

Are you on the right path to eCommerce Conversions? Let Customer Paradigm’s team show you the way to higher conversions. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Skunk Trail in Boulder, Colorado.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services


Conversion Rate Optimization creates a better user experience as they are browsing a website by enticing them to purchase a product or get more information from the company in one way or another.

Companies that are struggling to make sales or receive more newsletter sign-ups, benefit from seeing why a user leaves the site or decides to not finish purchasing a product. Through clearly identifying the weaknesses of your site, improvements become possible.


We like to help you succeed and if certain areas of your site are less than stellar, our team utilizes analytics, user experience, design, copywriting, product, and target to identify the weaknesses.

We’ll work with you to understand where customers are getting lost, bored, or engaged to improve their experience on your site and help guide them to completing a conversion. Depending on your needs, we can set up landing pages and perform A/B split testing to see which method is better for users too.


Our goal is to improve the experience of users by guiding them to where they want to be and, in turn, increasing sales and leads for your business.

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